Standing On Boxes

Blog Status


We're down. And we're very unhappy about it!

A Wordpress Update killed us!

And then we got angry and deleted the whole mess!

(We do have backups of the whole thing. Just need to decide what to do next. Probably not Wordpress, that's way too heavy for our simple needs. And requires too much maintenance for a simple blog. Something with static text?)

Here's a link with some stuff while we think about this... might be a few days

Currently - it looks like we have 2 decent choices (Since Radio Userland is long gone)
  • Pelican - written in Python. Will need a theme that shows tags and ctaegories the way we want. The default theme is messy using the old Wordpress blog data.
  • Jekyll - written in Ruby?

Both of these tools just take content, no style info. Need to find a good starting theme.