A little tweaking…

Panic, Inc. , an Oregon software company, had a “sale” the other day. For a 24hr period, for anything purchased from their website, or any of their software purchased from the Apple Mac App store, they would donate the proceeds to the Red Cross Japan and another local (in Japan) relief agency. (They raised $56K )


So I bought Coda, a tool for old fogies like myself who still edit our website files manually. It doesn’t completely replace TextWrangler from BareBones Software. TextWrangler is a much more powerful editor than the one in Coda. But otherwise, Coda beats it for dealing with an entire website.


And I’ll be using it (even if the money went to the Red Cross, I wouldn’t have paid for it if I didn’t plan to use it.) over the next few months, and etc. to slowly make changes to my fic site. The goal is to change the look of the site. To spiff it up a bit and move it from Web 1.0 to Web.Now.