It’s a NanoLife

So far, so good. 3 days into NanoWriMo (Today is actually day 4) and I’m a few words ahead of the game.

Can’t say it’s the best writing I’ve ever done… but it does have that quantity factor. Not sure if 50K words will actually be enough to complete the story idea I had. I’m already leaving things out.


Might post it here when complete. Might not. Bribery might be required.

Unlike last year’s story, which has a lot of promise if I ever get back to it, this year’s idea? Would need a lot of work to stand on its own (I borrowed a couple characters from a TV show to avoid having to create them from scratch — so… yeah… kinda fan fictiony. To un-fanfiction the story I would have to fix that and create some original characters.).

We’ll see.