Ending On An Up Note.

BBC America is running a New Years Eve Doctor Who marathon. The 10th Doctor – nu-Series 4.


(Not my favorite Doctor. When he isn’t being too grim he just seems too sarcastic. The 11th, Matt Smith, reminds me of the 4th, Tom Baker. Much more fun to have around no matter how dire things get.)


Longish episode – The End of Time – And we get a regeneration…. because the Doctor is dying after absorbing enough radiation to turn an ordinary mortal into a puddle of goo.

Can I say that the 10th Doctor’s “I’m Dying so let’s say goodbye to all the people I know and rescue them from something” tour is kind of lame? Tying up loose ends so the next Doctor is free of human entanglements. Cute. But lame.

What a way to see the year out!