Spam, spam, spam! Go Away!

And I’m not talking about the meat based product in a tin can (I like the Black Pepper and Bacon varieties myself. In moderation.)


For the past couple month I’ve been getting comment spam for assort clothing objects (t-shirts, shoes, sports ear, etc.).

All comments to my blog (Here, here, here!) are moderated. So spam isn’t getting thru. I’m assuming the spam is being inserted by some bot that doesn’t go back and check because… I would think they would notice that NONE of those spammy comments ever end up in my blog. Ever. And never will if I can absolutely help it.


So – go away Spam Bot!


One thought on “Spam, spam, spam! Go Away!”

  1. Turns out, I had a non-post page that had comments turned on (oops!) and the spambots were targeting that one. Fixed.

    Unfortunately, they can still hit new posts during the window that I allow comments. I guess I could turn comments off completely. Haven’t gotten a real comment in ages.

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