Just a mo…

Very brief sexist moment. The Maxim 100 is out. Those celebraters of female objectification over at Maxim magazine have come out with their annual list of the “Hottest” female celebrities (as defined by them).

In a brief moment of SOMETHING, Couldn’t resist taking a look at the list. This being the Internet, it had tiny thumbnail pictures.


Recognized 44 of the names on the list. Recognized less than that of the faces, going by those thumbnails.

The other 56? No clue.

Surprised at how many aren’t “Pop Tarts of the Moment” (aka This year’s contenders for Britney Spears/Lindsay Lohan’s tarnished crown as paparazzi target.)

Not sure which is worst. Recognizing that many (mainly actresses who’ve been in the news or movies/TV shows I’ve seen over the last 5 years or so) or not recognizing so many.

Am I no longer hooked into the pop culture zeitgeist? Am I turning into a pop culture dinosaur?

Is there anyone out there?!