So far…

I’ve watched more ‘network’ TV in the past week than I have in years. Too many commercials. Blech!

Agents of Shield episode 2 – Not bad. More action than the first episode. (One reviewer complained that there was less action this episode. Not sure which show he watched but it wasn’t this one. Also, in a 40 minute show there isn’t a lot of time for much to happen anyway, especially super hero antics. Not sure I like the obvious character being a mole. Hopefully it’s some double agent stuff. Fury showing up was a nice touch.

Crazy Ones episode 1 – okay for a pilot. Hopefully the next episode will have a calmer Robin Williams. It was like watching two different shows crammed into one. I prefer the SMG side. RW can be funny but he wasn’t leaving much room for actual plot. Or what little plot there is in a comedy.

Elementary episode 1 – recorded but didn’t watch. Summary didn’t sound too exciting. A trip to London? Still a couple episodes to catch up on from last year. I’ll probably just buy the season off of iTunes and catch up later.