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Slow? Or is that just me?

Might be time to move to a faster hosting server. Granted, it seems to be only WordPress generating that first page that feels slow. When the server does other things, like backup of the blog or other things, it responds okay.

Or I need to start using this one more, considering it isn’t free.

State of the Blog

Just a quick one – The hosting provider I use (Yahoo) is spinning off their web hosting services starting this month. Not sure how that is going to affect this blog other than who bills me. If they increase the $$ by more than I’m willing to pay (I’m already overpaying considering all I really use it for.) I’ll be shutting this blog down and moving it elsewhere (Keeping it WordPress probably since I can export the whole site easily and move it). Not sure about keeping the domain name in that case. Probably should move that elsewhere also.

We’ll see. Too soon to tell.

The Rude Pundit vs CNN

I occasionally wander over to the Rude Pundit’s blog. He’s loud, almost always rude, and very often very funny, in a far left of center, George Carlin wouldn’t use that language, kind of way. Here’s what he had to say about CNN and their obsession with that Malaysian Airlines flight that disappeared .

(Fair warning – it’s a rant full of NSFW language and if you accidentally wander into any of his political rants it’s not my fault. )

Note: I don’t watch CNN. Haven’t in years. In fact, the only time I watch TV news is for the weather, when it’s supposed to snow or something. I’d rather hate watch “Ancient Aliens” or “Man vs Food” than network news. At least “Ancient Aliens” is entertaining.


Supposedly, there’s a massive attack against WordPress sites going on. Thousands of PCs in a botnet slowly chewing away, trying to hack WordPress sites to add them to their botnet for some future nefarious purpose. One of those brute force, guess your ‘admin’ user’s password kind of hacks. So far, I don’t appear to have been hacked. We’ll see.


Not sure if that was the problem with my blog, Yahoo isn’t saying what the problem was. Might have been just coincidental.

Slowness is…

This blog has been almost unaccessible, by me anyway, for the last week. Not sure what’s up but Yahoo (yes, it’s hosted on Yahoo. Seemed like a good idea at the time.) seems to go thru phases where everything is slower than molasses for their hosted sites.


Not sure if they are trying to case people away… but I’m seriously contemplating moving to another hosting solution if this doesn’t clear up. I don’t think Yahoo will care about losing my few bits of silver.


(It’s mainly the blog. Direct access to my stories seems okay. Mostly. I suspect someone forgot to feed the gerbils running the database server the blogs run on. Or one of them died. Or somebody who really hates Yahoo is doing a DDOS against them (that would explain the slow response time (Which they acknowledge is happening to some people on the YSB Status page))

Slow electrons

Slow out here on the blog tonight. Not sure if it’s my web host, my browser (Chrome seems a little faster than Safari), or my ISP. Whatever it is, from my end of things getting here to the blog is slow, often painfully so. Getting to my fanfic pages (which are not being server up by my blog – they’re static pages) seems to be okay.


Hmm… almost anything blog related that runs a PHP script seems to go slowly. Maybe someone needs to wake up the server?

EOY Message

Ah… Yahoo finally updated MySQL to 5.1. Which means I just updated WordPress to the latest and Greatest version. Hopefully there won’t be too many problems.

Huh. Seems a little faster.

The Last Word

I can’t help it. When someone responds negatively to a comment I made on someone else’s blog or on a message board, I have a hard time letting it go.

I just HAVE to respond. There’s something in me that wants to have the Last Word.

I can’t help it. It must happen several times a year. Which isn’t that often so I’m not as bad as some people but still… It feels like I’m behaving badly.

And even when I can refrain from responding AGAIN, having learned that some times it’s best to JUST LET IT GO, I have a hard time checking NOT for additional comments. I want to know what people think. I care what nameless, faceless people on the Internet think about my opinions.

Scary. And sad…

( it’s like a big game of Internet Chicken. Who’s going to blink first? And how do you keep score?)

That Last Word? Not really important. But I want it. Gimme!

Moving in…

Starting the move from my old Radio Userland blog at to WordPress (It won out over Drupal for ease of startup.)

Should take a few weeks. I found an export tool to get things out of Radio (It was mentioned on the Radio Userland discussion page) Converting From Radio Userland to WordPress.

It isn’t perfect. But I think part of the problem is with Yahoo. It creates a MovableType export file and WordPress can import that

BUT it can’t seem to import every entry at once. 96 on the first try.  Not all of my entries had titles… so I’ll have to deal with those. Easy to fix before importing them (the title info is there, it just didn’t get exported as the title every time)

Done: 27-Feb-2002 — 6-Oct-2009 (1,144 entries imported total) [8-Oct-2009]

(Need to fix the categories being imported also. Multiple categories are being imported as a single category with a really long name. Oops.)

Blank lines in the original are being removed (In Radio, a blank line is treated like a paragraph break.) so long posts? All jammed together.

Occasional duplicate post. Not sure how to catch all of these. Maybe there’s a plugin? 10% or so of the last 2 uploads.

And I still have to move over my stories somehow. And fix dead links (Mostly old photos and references to Radio style ‘stories’.)

And it will require a bit of customization. I like the theme I’m using but there isn’t support for other things I want to do – like put up my fan fiction (There’s NOT a WordPress plugin for that.). And that’ll take time to deal with.

That time of year…

My yearly weblog hosting fee is due… not a lot of space… but at $3.32/month ? Including blog tool support?
And there is some question whether “Userland” will be in the personal blog hosting business next year anyway. Radio or otherwise (They have a Manila based blog host for $99 but that is starting to move into serious blog territory – sure, having a lot more space would be great but that’s way beyond the simple stuff I use/need. I might as well move my blog to Yahoo at that point… but then I would have to actively manage it… and LiveJournal doesn’t really fit the way I do things…)


figured out how to modify Radio.root so Safari (in Mac OS X 10.3.9) is the default web browser.It even opens up safari if it isn’t running already. (Too bad it doesn’t do WYSIWYG editing.

What did I do?

  1. Make a backup copy of Radio.root (I didn’t but I should have – oops)
  2. Added a system.verbs.apps.Safari to Radio.root (Basically a subset/copy of the msExplorer one with all MSIE and references changed to or ‘sfri’ – All I have is appInfo, id, bringToFront, openUrl, openDocument, and quit.
  3. change system.verbs.apps.Safari.openURL so it matches the return in system.verbs.builtins.webBrowser.openUrl for MacOS in the os test.
  4. In system.verbs.builtins.webBrowser.supportedBrowser I added ‘sfri’ as a supported browser AND changed:

    if system.environment.isCarbon


    if defined (system.environment.isCarbon) and system.environment.isCarbon

    (This is a copy of a change made by Userland in webBrowser.getDefaultBrowser to support Mozilla/Firefox.)

  5. In webBrowser.getDefaultBrowser I changed the default browser to and ‘sfri’
    (Used to be and ‘MSIE’

  6. I added an ‘sfri’ and Safari to system.verbs.builtins.webBrowser.launch under the case sys.os – MacOS – just copies of the IE ones -renamed.

I think that’s it… not sure it’s enough info for anyone to do it…