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Writings of a fan

Almost that time again!

9 days until NaNoWriMo 2016 starts. Not ready yet but I do have an idea or two.

  • Continue my Glee Space opera – The war begins. (Though I haven’t posted last years side story yet or even finished posting the year previous (2014) – 1 last chapter of that to go – this weekend. Maybe.)
  • Something completely different.

And maybe, this time, I’ll post it here as I go? Just the “ugly draft” Yes? No?

NaNo Survived

Made it through NaNoWriMo 2015. Though it looked close there for a couple days. Managed to hit the minimum ten minutes before the end.

Can’t say it’s very readable. Gonna take months to turn it into a “real” story. But it’s done, and I’ll be busy with real life things for the next month or two first.

Quarterly Update

Yes. Still here.

Just a simple short update.

January and a large portion of February was spent dealing with RL (aka work) issues and a server meltdown/move over at TtH. But that’s done and we’re moving forward.

I’ve started writing more, though I have so many unfinished fics that it’s hard to pick one to focus on. But I’m getting there.

I haven’t started fixing up my NaNoWriMo 2014 story yet to make it postable, at all the usual places. Although I made the word count quota in time, the actual story? Maybe 2/3 done. So getting it ready to share will take some time. Hopefully by the end of March.

And NaNo is a Go!

I’ve been distracted by other things for the past couple weeks (Finishing up a long project at work, and TtH issues) so I’m not as ready for NaNoWriMo as I’d hoped to be. My outline is more ‘random ideas on a page’ than actual ‘Plan for story’. Part of it being that I’m not really sure where this years story is going. It’s the boring ‘Middle Years’ of my ongoing Glee Space Opera. Next year is the ‘Space Battle’ part of the ‘Space Opera’ and will be much easier to plot, if much harder to write since my action writing abilities aren’t the best.

But, we’ll see what happens.

They’re back…

Four days later, after digging into assorted backups and tinkering with assorted tools to generate SQL (Yum! not just a dessert topping) from the backups and playing with MAMP ( sort of a canned web site in a box.) I was able this morning to restored my inadvertently deleted stories (and one other) to my favorite fanfic archive.

(Of course, ‘knowing’ the management helps. Otherwise it would have been impossible to fix. )

Fun stuff. Now I have some ideas/designs for a real Undelete system for the site.

And now I can get back to NaNoWriMo prep. Only a week to go before it starts!

After I get some sleep.

One of those days…

Did the early voting thing, then purged the craziness of the proposed State Constitution amendments (The Rude Pundit goes to town on them on his blog in his usual style.) with a trip across the street to my favorite toy store.

And then returned home to find out that a Moderator over at Twisting the Hellmouth (who quit today for reasons) had, on his way out the door, deleted 8 stories. (Mostly mine and I can put them back… but still!!!) I guess he was making a statement. Pointless. But a statement. About Abuse of Power. By engaging in some. And disappointing because I thought he was a grown-up.

And I haven’t had time for dinner yet!!! Good thing I ate a big lunch.

And the Purging continues

More fan fiction cleanup.

Deleted all of my Buffy/Willow fics (all 7 of them) from the Buffy/Willow archive IKOLY 2. ( all of which can still be found elsewhere. They aren’t gone completely.)

Deleted a Live Journal account, that probably no one knew about (I used it to post stories to the Twisted Shorts Live Journal Community but it’s been a while since I used it and anything I posted there is available elsewhere.

That drops me down to 5 places my fics can still be found. At some point I’ll narrow it down even more but haven’t decided which to delete next. The ultimate goal is 3.

It’s a Wrap

After 10+ years, The Grand Experiment is over. I’ve deleted all of my fics, complete, incomplete, in-progress, notes, whatever, from my personal website. Anyone (who was aware of this) who wants to read my stories (fan fiction anyway) will have to check out my stories at assorted online fan fiction archives (Some, not all, links to the left. Some may be duplicates.). (Or, if you can find it, there’s an archival, frozen in time, copy of my old Radio Userland blog out there somewhere.)

Never got much feedback. One or two people over the years. Haven’t updated it in a couple years and it was due for a revamp that I never got around to.

Maybe, some day, I’ll put it all back up. Right now, life goes on and I don’t have time to fiddle with them.

So, if anyone asks where they went… They’re Gone, Baby! Gone!

TtH was down! Again.

For almost 24 hours.

No idea what was wrong, though from the outside it looks like a database issue. Which could be anything.

Note: to the best of my knowledge, it had nothing to do with that OpenSSL bug ( Heart-something). That is a completely different issue.

Catching up on the backlog

I’m not sure how many people read the fics as posted here anymore but they are a bit out of date. I’m still working on them but haven’t kept the WiP’s current for at least the last year.

Current plan is to spend March updating them but for now anything updated/completed can still be found on TtH, AO3, and

I also plan to redesign the fic pages though that might take longer.


I started using Scrivener during NaNoWriMo and hopefully can use it to output stories for the archive here instead of the old manual process I’ve been using for years.


We’ll see what happens.

It’s NaNo-tastic

My entry in NaNoWriMo 2012 – The Yucatan Job  – 52,743 words of Glee-riffic Space Opera. With Cheerleaders!


Reminder: This story isn’t bad but NaNoWriMo is about quantity, not quality. So, there are potential continuity errors, and humongous plot holes. But I think it is still readable. And the Space Opera tag might be a matter of interpretation.


Enjoy. ( Or not – I won’t make you!)

Future Fic Ideas

Two writing events are headed our way…

The 2012 International Day Of Femslash is on July 14th, just 3 months (and 1 week) from now.

NaNoWriMo? 6 months and a bit.

And ideas? I’ve got plenty:

For IDF 2012 – I’m thinking another episode in my Class of 99 series, but centered around Joyce. And that’s all I plan to reveal for now – it might change.

For NaNoWriMo 2012 – I’m thinking alien invasion. Not an original idea but I think I have a unique twist on it. We’ll see.

Still writing…

I’ve been focusing on an experimental double-drabble (200 words/each) series. The goal is to tell a story in 100 parts. 33 to go… trying to write at least 2 a day, so it should be finished this month and I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled writing.

( No, it isn’t posted here. Or anywhere I normally post. Or under any of my normal aliases. Not sure if I ever will put it here. I’m only mentioning it now so people don’t think I disappeared into the wilds of the internet. )