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Halfway there

Only 6 months until NaNoWriMo 2016! What am I going to write this time? Another part of The Yucatan Job? The Big Honkin’ Space Gun Episode?

Or something completely different?

I’ve got 2 chapters of the current part to finish, and then that side story (from NaNoWriMo 2015) to clean up and post.


A Better Idea

Something I could actually write. And slightly tweak to make it fanfic compliant afterward.


But no posting until I’m done. Wouldn’t want to spoil it.

As for that other idea? It goes on the “Someday I’ll be a real writer” pile. For when I win the lottery and have copious free time to spent on real world building/writing.

The things we do.

For some reason, unknown even to myself, I decided to spend the day poking around in an old iMac (1st gen – 233MHz G3 PPC, 168MB RAM, 6GB HD, 1024×768 CRT) in my possession.


It actually still worked. At least long enough to make a copy of the contents of the drive (Mac OS 9.2.2). None of which is really usable on a modern Intel based Mac. (I do have an old PowerBook that should be able to run the stuff… hmm…)


And then, probably thanks to way too much iced coffee while watching 2 episodes of Doctor Who, I took it apart, down to its component parts. Not sure what I’m going to do with the pieces. The 6GB EIDE hard drive? I don’t have anything it’ll work with. Or the CD-ROM drive. The RAM? Nothing the sims will go in. I think I’ll keep the case and throw out the guts. Maybe keep the CRT? Nah… I bet I can find an LCF that’ll fit inside the case.


We’ll see. Might make a nice project for that week between Christmas and New Years.


Insane fic idea of the day…

Not a new idea.

How about a Bible crossover?

What if Joseph (Yes, THAT Joseph) came from a long line of Watchers? And Mary was his slayer? Wouldn’t that explain a lot of things? And not just the age difference between them (though that is, in reality, probably a cultural thing.)

Who better to protect Jesus as he grows up than a slayer who happens to be his mother?

(Personally I prefer Alanis Morisette’s depiction of God in “Dogma” than George Burns in “Oh, God”. But would that make this idea femslash? Is the world ready for that?)

This idea has been running around in my head for years. Unfortunately, I haven’t figured out a way to actually write this. Yet.

Maybe as a lost book (aka Gospel) of the Bible?

It’s a bit tricky. Would it make a good fic? Do you want to offend people? Those Christians are very prickly about such things.

Today’s fic ideas…

Hmm… I’ve been having ideas for PWP fics. But I don’t write those kinds of fics. Heck, even in the fics I’ve labeled femslash on TtH it’s all subtext or innuendo or “later the next morning” stuff. Not even PG-13. So any PWP I wrote would be very short.

But the ideas do happen — BtVS of course.

  • Something involving Buffy, Dawn, and Joyce — no, not an ‘incest fic’ (Can I get a loud “Ick!” on that one?)!! Maybe a Joyce/Jenny Calendar fic? (Of which there are actually a couple out there.) And Buffy catching them or Dawn catching them or some kind of train wreck like that. And someone or someones naked.Unfortunately, the idea never really jelled and the above is all I remember…
  • And a “When I Woke Up” fic – set in Vegas of course. I actually have a couple hundred words of outline/idea for that one.


    Buffy and Dawn go to Vegas (Dawn is going to some sort of conference and Buffy goes as Dawn’s “buffyguard” thanks to issues from the last time Buffy let her go some place like that on her own.) — and the day they are supposed to head home, they both wake up (after getting very drunk the night before (not sure how that happened)) with unexpected bed partners. Who know each other.

    Can we say oops?  (A crossover of course. Stargate or maybe Gilmore Girls) And shocking for all involved. With the partners chosen for most potential chaos.

But I already have too many fics going on… that I need to finish. So.. these won’t happen any time soon. If ever.

Movie Idea

Why hasn’t anyone turned James Schmitz’ Witches of Karres into a movie? Or did George Lucas buy up the movie rights so no one notices how close his idea of the Force matches the klatha energy Schmitz’ witches use 10 years before the idea shows up in Star Wars.

Or is it that no one could figure out how to do this with live actors. Someone give Hayao Miyazaki a call! Before Disney finds out !