Fan Fiction Recommendations

Some noteworthy fics. If I gave out fan fiction awards, these would get them. It’s an eclectic list (Last updated in 2011 – in serious need of a refresh).

What makes these fics special…? Hmmm…

  1. I’ve read each of them more than once. And when I’ve gone back to reread them… they are still a good read.
  2. They are all well written.
  3. Original in some way.
  4. Only Complete Fics! There are a lot of good unfinished fics out there. But these are finished.
  5. You’ll notice that most of these are BtVS related. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other high quality non-BtVS fics out there – I do read fics in other fandoms. I just haven’t put many of them on this list yet.
  6. More reasons… this is just a start.

Short Fics

A Miles Vorkosigan crossover. An excellent story with just a dab of angst.

  • Harry Potter and the Girl Who Fell Sideways by midoth (real name unknown)
    A BtVS/Harry Potter crossover. Buffy + a portal accident = amusing short fic.
  • California by echoI think all of echo’s Harry Potter crossovers are worthy reads (Especially “Life of Brian”) but even among the excellent echo fics, this one with Buffy as a mother is a stand-out. (There are sequels but the original story is the one I keep coming back to.). Check out her Facebook page  for info about her published fiction.
  • Just Like Me by Trinity Last (Real name unknown)An unusual Buffy femslash pairing – mostly subtext – Buffy/Winifred Burkle. It’s a cute story. The writer’s website hasn’t been updated in years. Don’t be surprised by a dead link someday.
  • I Have Never Been to Boston by Wynd Gyrl (real name unknown)An interesting friendship story – Dawn and Faith. Subtext. Angst. Part of a series. The writer’s website hasn’t been updated in years. Don’t be surprised by a dead link someday. PG-13Content Warning: This author primarily writes R and NC-17 femslash. See the content warning below.
  • Shop till you drop (Dead) by Jane DavittA few hours during Buffy’s life in Sunnydale. GA rare fic where Buffy interacts with non-Scoobies. Jane is very prolific. There are many gems in her fic collection, not just this one. She also writes commercial (for money) fiction.Content Semi-Warning: A lot of her other stories are m/m slash and/or R and NC-17. See the content warning below.
  • Fictional Lives by VixenRaignFor those who like Buffy/Faith subtext… PGa little gem of a story. A future fic – one of several “Buffy becomes an author after Sunnydale” I’ve run across. The other one is an HP crossover and is a bit longer. It is good but not as ‘delightful’ as this one in my opinion.Content Warning: This author occasionally writes R and NC-17 femslash. See the content warning below.
  • Old Bones by MhalachaiA Bones/Torchwood crossover ‘Fixit’ for what happened to Zack. I like most of Mhalachai’s fics. This one’s a stand-out.

Long/Multipart Fics

  • Agent Afloat Atlantis by MhalachaiA Stargate Atlantis/NCIS crossover. Ziva goes on a long trip. A REALLY LONG trip. All of Mhalachai’s Stargate crossovers are excellent. (Her newer Avenger fics are also really good) This is the best of her finished ones. Her Gilmore Girl/Stargate fic, unfortunately unfinished, inspired in a roundabout fashion my own Gilmore Girls/BtVS story.
  • Capacity for Wings and With Feathers by FaithUnbreakableTwo BtVS/Torchwood/Doctor Who stories the beginning and end – Buffy gets unstuck in Time. FaithUnbreakable is one of my favorite BtVS crossover writers. These two are excellent examples of her works but there are more.

Additional Notes:

  • I’ll add more over time. These are the ones I immediately think of as good examples of well written short and medium long fics.
  • Content Warning: – A number of the writers above have other stories on their websites that have R or NC-17 ratings. Repeat after me: “I’m not your parent or guardian.” If that sort of story offends you (or you aren’t old enough/mature enough to read such fics, or they aren’t legal in your part of the universe )- don’t read them. Pay attention to the pairing and rating labels. They are usually there for a good reason.
  • I can’t really recommend any of my own fics here. And not just because it would seem conceited. IMHO Only two of my short fics even come close to the assorted traits I like about these fics, that certain “something” that sets them apart from the run-of-the-mill fics. Some of my newer fics are getting there but aren’t quite et.

    My drabble series A Pocketful of Quinn is one that I’m really proud of but Glee Faberry fics aren’t to everyone’s taste.

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