Way to go Yahoo!

Looks like Yahoo hasn’t learned the lessons of eBay and their availability problems from last year.

Maybe I’m biased (Nah!) but given that the technology for designing reliable, high availability computer systems is
older than the Internet (With Compaq now owning 2 of the
most well known solutions – OpenVMS and Tandem Non-Stop Himalaya servers) seeing this kind of thing happen does not give one the warm & fuzzies for the long range success of Yahoo.

Not planning for things like this is really inexcusable in a 24×365 world. Especially since Yahoo claims they are “powered by Compaq” and the database in question is supposed to be Oracle (which has licensed clustering technology from Compaq to provide availability/reliable systems to avoid problems such as this.

Too bad….

Some Marshmallow facts

For those who think you can’t learn anything channel surfing

Kraft makes 100,000,000,000 marshmallows a year
Marshmallows are extruded, cut, and coated with starch.

What’s in a Fluffer-nutter Sandwich ?

  • Good sturdy bread
  • good peanutbutter
  • marshmallow Fluff

To server: Cut diagonally

Circus Peanuts

orange in color, banana flavored, peanut shaped

To get fresh Circus Peanuts:

  1. sugar, water, corn syrup heated & cooled
  2. Add gelatin & powdered sugar
  3. Pour into starch molds.
  4. heated to “set” skin & Cure overnight.

Fun with lexicals

Editing a DCL command procedure 1000 miles away can get frustrating on a slow telnet connection… and saving early & often has its’ advantages.

I’ve been listening to the same album all day. Very different from what I usually listen to but it seems to fit what I’m doing today.

Must be Monday…

Getting started on a Monday morning can be fun… let’s see where the day takes us…

New work music to start the day off…

Will they listen ? I think I’ll add to the Steve Jobs chorus. He’s right.

Are Read Receipts evil ?

I use MS Outlook for work-related e-mail. Have done so for the last year since it became a “corporate standard” around here. Html is for web pages, not for e-mail. Luckily, with a little effort, I can use Outlook without resorting to using html in e-mail messages I send other people.

I can’t find a way to prevent html from working in e-mail and still use Outlook. Over the last year I’ve been able to tweak it so at least it’s ?mostly harmless”. But now, apparently, I’ve run across something I can’t control.

Read Receipts in Outlook don’t appear to have an on/off switch. And worse yet, I have no way of knowing if one has been sent except by accident. It doesn’t appear to be logged anywhere. Very un-user friendly. This verges on “evil”. I haven’t yet decided where, on the scale of “software evilness” this resides.

Now what ?

Haven’t quite decided what to do with this space… or if I even want to keep it….

I don’t have a job that makes for exciting non-“legacy technology geek” reading. (Unless you want to hear me vent about the frustration of trying to use undocumented system calls in Compaq Basic that date back to the late 70’s on an operating system different than the one I use now.)


But it can be fun anyway. A portion of what I do can best be described as “code spelunking.” Take something someone else wrote, yesterday or 10 years ago, figure out what it does, what it is supposed to do, and convince it to do something else or more.

It can be like a great big puzzle…

Today I’m officially taking the day off and pretending to not work. Otherwise known as a “personal pet project day”. I had all these vacation days left over from last year I thought i would start using up before they disappeared on their own.

Deja Vu – 1984 all over again ?

“Haven’t we already deja’d this vu ?”

I thought I’d escaped but it it is increasingly looking like I’m wrong.
When did it become ok for the government to actively pursue a Big Brother-ish civil liberties agenda ? The Chronicle of Higher Ed at least isn’t ignoring the
effects of recent legislation on academic freedom

but who’s looking out for the rest of us ? Those of us without keys to the ivory tower.

Who is going to save us now that democracy American style seems in imminent danger of jumping the shark ? Let’s hope the only cure for this isn’t ” Bush, The Musical”

Tables, tables, everywhere…

I spent last night fiddling with Radio themes. This is my first stab at it and will probably change over the next week. I probably should start from scratch instead of taking one of the example themes and mangling that.
We’ll see….. I can’t seem to change the desktop website theme style to have a black background…. but I found a typo that was messing up my site title.
Seems to be a problem with defining styles in the header versus in an item. Some work, some don’t, and some work on some page templates and not others using Radio.
Oops… back to the default theme…. the lunchtime upload of my new theme was a visual disaster…..

Getting started with Radio

Tonight seems like a good time to take Radio out for a spin. Is that Frontier peeking out from under the hood ?

Note: I’m experimenting with this on my iBook, which only occassionally is connected to my ISP. That “honor” is usually reserved for my Thinkpad so I can get work done during the day. So this is likely to be a slow/infrequently updated place to be. (Infrequent = around lunch and some time in the evening)

[Historical Note: My first ever official blog post. But not my first web site/page — that was back in 1994 or so.]

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