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Almost that time again!

9 days until NaNoWriMo 2016 starts. Not ready yet but I do have an idea or two.

  • Continue my Glee Space opera – The war begins. (Though I haven’t posted last years side story yet or even finished posting the year previous (2014) – 1 last chapter of that to go – this weekend. Maybe.)
  • Something completely different.

And maybe, this time, I’ll post it here as I go? Just the “ugly draft” Yes? No?

And NaNo is a Go!

I’ve been distracted by other things for the past couple weeks (Finishing up a long project at work, and TtH issues) so I’m not as ready for NaNoWriMo as I’d hoped to be. My outline is more ‘random ideas on a page’ than actual ‘Plan for story’. Part of it being that I’m not really sure where this years story is going. It’s the boring ‘Middle Years’ of my ongoing Glee Space Opera. Next year is the ‘Space Battle’ part of the ‘Space Opera’ and will be much easier to plot, if much harder to write since my action writing abilities aren’t the best.

But, we’ll see what happens.

Feeding the Glee Monster. Again.

Okay. So I haven’t watched the last couple season 3 episodes of Glee. The whole diva vs. diva thing between Rachel and Mercedes was a huge turn off. (And apparently pointless if overviews of the West Side Story episode are to be believed.)

But, out of curiosity, I decided to buy a couple songs from the Glee version of “West Side Story”.

Okay but the usual Glee vibe. On the other hand, I did what I usually do, which is to buy the originals ( Well, from the movie, since that is the version I’m familiar with).

Verdict? Movie vs Glee? Movie. But not embarrassingly better.The Glee gang did fine for a tv production. The “ethnic” wording ( accents? Dialect? ) in “America” is cringeworthy whether Rita Moreno or Santana (Naya Rivera ) sing it. Of course we’re talking about a 1950’s view of Hispanic kids in a gang. I’m sure if it had been set several decades earlier with Irish or Italian characters it would have been also cringeworthy.

No, tattoo You!

Apparently, the gang over at Mattel was watching the first episode of season 3 of Glee when they came up with this idea:

Barbie gets a tattoo.

Doesn’t that look like a Barbie version of Quinn? Pink hair. Tattoo ( though a little more extreme than Evil Quinn’s tattoo. Didn’t Quinn’s father run off with a tattoo artist back in season 1? I wonder if that’s the same on Barbie went to? )

Gleeked out.

I watched the last two episodes of Glee, Season 3. Not bad, though I’m not a fan of evil Quinn, but I can’t seem to find the enthusiasm for this weeks episode (mainly all the commercials you have to wade thru to watch it “live”), so it’s going straight to the DVR and I’ll watch it this weekend or so. Other than parental appearances, it looks like another diva Rachel vs Diva Mercedes episode. Aka – Nothing Special.

(I’ve also been recording ‘Ringer’ but haven’t decided if I’ll watch it yet.)

So… instead… I’m watching Season 1 episodes of Scooby Doo.

Ooh…looks like the Scoobies found a treasure map. Maybe. Velma says it’s the combination to a safe.

Let’s watch Shaggy practice his safe cracking skills. Once more those kids show their true colors. Hoodlums!

Getting sucked in

I actually purchased several ‘Glee’ songs from iTunes yesterday.

Hadn’t planned to. It just happened. But don’t expect it to happen very often.

I find that most of the ‘Glee’ songs work/sound better (for me anyway) when there is something visual (aka in-episode). While all of the Glee ‘kids’ can, of course, sing very few of them have very strong voices. They’re actors, not professional singers, and you can tell the difference between the ones who can really sing, and those who need a little bit of “sound magic” (aka auto-tune).

Which is okay. We’re talking tv show here, not Broadway musical. And I’m not a professional critic.

Songs (iTunes links):

Defying Gravity (Original Wicked Broadway cast version)

Defying Gravity (Glee Lea Michele solo version) (Ep. 9 “Wheels”) (Actual episode song was a Rachel/Kurt duet)

Don’t Rain On My Parade (Glee cast/Lea Michele) (Ep. 13 “Sectionals”)

Don’t Rain On My Parade (Funny Girl (Original Soundtrack Recording)/ Barbra Streisand)

Gives You Hell (Glee cast/Lea Michele) (Ep. 14 “Hell-O”)

I Feel Pretty/Unpretty (Glee Lea Michele/Dianna Agron duet) (Ep. 40 “Born This Way” )

Glee – Season 1 – Done

Only took 12 days, though I didn’t watch every day.

Random thoughts before I move on to the next season in a couple days or so (I have the 1st half of Season 2 on DVD – it was on sale. But word on the street is that it is mostly “The Kurt Hummel Show” plus singing. He’s not a horrible character but he’s not my favorite of the divas, so I’m not sure I’ll watch it.)

  • My favorite characters? Emma Pillsbury and Sue Sylvester.
  • My least favorite characters? Will Scheuster with Finn Hudson quickly catching up as the season progresses. They both seem very selfish. Most of Will’s “good” moment with the kids happen because Emma prods him. She’s sot of his conscience. Finn seemed to be a better person at the beginning but he starts to act like a selfish little boy as we got to the end of the season.
  • Some of the Glee Club kids never really develop a personality during the 22 episodes. Sure there are 12 of them and several teachers with important parts so there isn’t a lot of room in 43 minutes per episode to do a lot of character building but still…
  • We get a decent idea of who Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Quinn, Mercedes, Tina, Artie, and Puck are. But we never really get a clear idea of who Brittany is — other than she says strange things. And Santana doesn’t start to develop as a character until half way thru the season (the Wiki says we learn more of her backstory in season 2). But the last two guys, Matt and Mike? Who are they?
  • And where are these kids parents? We see Kurt’s father (Burt Hummel), Finn’s mother (Carol), Quinn’s parents (briefly – Judy and ?). We know about Rachel’s two dads but we never learn their names or see them and we meet her mother (Shelby Cocoran?). I think Mercedes mentions her parents when she invites Quinn to live with them. And we know that Artie’s mother was driving when he was hurt  (and she wasn’t) and his father drives him everywhere. Kurt’s father and Finn’s mother seem to be the only “real” parents appearing in the series.
  • And I can’t believe the teachers at McKinley just ignore all of the bullying that goes on. Crazy.

Not  a bad show but I can’t seem to watch more than 3 episodes in a row.